Dec 13, 2008

Never Miss An Opportunity

So we sold our car yesterday. Just waiting for the final transfer of the funds and all is complete. But I just wanted to share that despite the circumstances we face (I mean "we" as in any one) God still calls us to share His truth. Kevin rode back with one of the guys from the dealership - apparently they needed some paperwork that Pastor John had left at his house.
The whole trip back - about 25 minutes - Kevin had the opportunity to share the Good News with the gentleman that drove him. Apparently both his mother and sister are saved and have been discussing the Lord with him. Kevin told him that him riding in the car was no coincidence. God was trying to get his attention. So there's never any reason to miss an encounter orchestrated by God. Kevin even commented, "If we weren't going home, we wouldn't have sold the car, I wouldn't have been able to witness to him."
So pray for Cullen. The seeds have been planted, Kevin got the chance to do some watering. Its a lesson for us all - never miss an opportunity!